Kenneling Rates:

Dogs or Cats – $32 per night
*exercising is included at no additional charge
Second dog or cat is $29 per night

Twenty-six 4′ x 8′ indoor runs
Twenty 6′ x 21′ outside airing runs
ProSelect Modular Stacked Cages System for small dogs and cats

Kennel was remodeled in 2004 with a heated floor and PVC panels to separate each run

Outdoor Kennel

Boarding Requirements

Copies of Vaccination

Which includes: Distemper, Rabies and Bordetella. It is recommended to also have Leptosporosis.

Puppies must 16 weeks of age and have proof of their vaccination.

Food Information

Please write up any feeding instructions and if you bring your own food, please label it.

Medication Services

We can dispense pill form medications, but we do not dispense injectable medications.


10% To All Military, First Responders and Law Enforcement.

Contact Cindy Meyer with Questions or to Inquire about Kenneling

Phone: 253-318-2723
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