Rocking M’s Pistol Flying Moto JH

SR92339202 DOB: 2-22-2016 -Hip EXCELLENT LR-237325E33M-VPI

Elbows LR-EL187097M33- VPI - Cerf Yearly CNM / EIC Clear Sire FC MOTO and the Nitro Circus DNA #V796775 OAF Good EIC/CNM Clear Cerf Clear Dam: Rocking M’s Pistol Packin Momma SH Rocking M Sunfire Black Jade MH, OFA Excellent,OFAEL33 Clear CNM/ EIC Clear Cerf Yearly FC Yellow Stone’s TNT Explosion, Autumn’s Time For Diamond MH - Sire AFC Super High Flyer –OFA 25 Good OFA Eblow Clear EIC/CNM clear Eyes Yearly AFC ABE Ebony and Ivory , FC AFC Wesbshire’s Abe



Rocking M’s Lock and Load Remington JH

11-26-2015 Hip’s LR-231502G26M-VPI- Elbow’s Lr-EL82098M26-VPI EIC/CNM Clear Cerf Yearly Sire: Bullet 1X MH X – NAFC FC Cody Cut a Lean Grade  (Grady)  Dam: :Rocking  M’s Times Little Sage JH Sire: Sabre On The Radar C Cedar Ridge  7 MNH -  FCAFC Code Blue  M’s Lean Mac QAA Sister to Fargo




Rocking M’s Why They Call Me Wilson

DOB: Aug 12,2019 EIC Clear

DAM: Int’l Rocking M’s Mystic Majestic Little Beast Mode Missy Sire: CH Tristar’s Black Ice  DAM: Int’l CH Rocking M’s Mystic Topaz Mystic

Sire: Rocking “s Here For the Party Keg, DAM: Int’l CH Rocking m String Of Pearls MJ Sire: CH Rocking  M’s Turbine Porter  

Sire BlackThorn’s Here For the Party DAM: Rocking M Crystal Clear

Sire: CH Riverlane BlackThorrn’s WounderBoy  DAM: Dolce Vita Spice N UP Riverlane

OFA Good Elbows Clear Eye 40 AKC DNA#V823846

Sire: Blachthorn Rocks U TOO DAM: Dolce Vita Spice Riverlane