Rocking M's time for a Diamond ( Diamond )

Sire: island acre's true north mh  ( Tobe) blk

Sure: Fc afc riverruns's true north BLK sr22604301 ofa24 excellent elbows normal - dna #v672345 dam: island acre's rebel maker mh ylw ofa good - elbows normal- fc afc yellowstone 's tnt explosion. Ylw ,fc afc top gunstock's lethal weapon ylw- fc dare to dream blk

Fr jim's rebel yell mh mnh7 islands acre's widow maker mh mnh5 -inslans acre's Quincy mh mnh4 and More

Dame: Rocking M's coors light on ice jh ( ice ) Sabre onradar c cedar ridge mh

Ylw it's good- elbows normal - wagers radar on line mh blk - fc afc esprit playing for keeps  blk dam white pine s midnight Cindy mh of a excellent elbows normal Ylw fc afc hilltops hayseed Ylw  rocking ms it about time jh -blk

Merganser s hacker mh of a good elbows normal Ylw - fc afc blackwater ruby - Autumn s time for a Diamond BLK mh- dusts devel mustard mh  Ylw - Autumn it's about time mh mnh7



Emma Rocking M’s Back to the Future Black

Information: lr-251188e26f-vip ( excellent) e

Ifa elbows: lr-el99714f26-vip normal eic clear:  cerf clear 2020

8-22-2018  SS07634201

Dam: Rocking M’s Coors Light On Ice Yellow

OFA Excellent Elbow Clear- Cerf Eyes Yearly CNM Clear and EIC Clear

Sire: Wind River Tigar Tale Colt MH SR7657207

Hips Good LR-226001H50M-VPI Elbows LR-EL77319M50-VPI

EIC –Clear- LR-EIC4079/52M-Pilr Clear CNM Clear CNM1660/52M-PL Cerf Eyes -11922/50M-PL  Clear RD/OSD Clear PRA Clear

Wind River’s Almond Rocha-CFC- MHRC Gunner Flight Interceptor SH, MW’s Dama IM Chocolate  MH –CFC -CAFC Pachanga magnum Force

Stoneridge’s MS Abrakadabra MH FC AFC Dam; Wind River Nutmug-FC AFC Way –DA Call  of the Wild-FC AF Cuda’s Blue Ryder MH ,FC AFC Cud

Older dog like FC AFC Super Tanner, FC AFC  Super Powder FC AFC Super Chief, FC AFC WEBSHIRE’S Honrst Abe, FC AFC Double or nothing  FC AFC WESTWINDS SHOWDOW OF HOPE  and many more great dogs

image003 (1).jpg


Rocking M‘s Majestic’s Let’s Party With Josie 

Hips ofa lr-249097g26f-vpi

Elbows : lr-el978197f26-vip

Heart advanced cardiacs normal lr-aca2278/27f-vpi

Cerf clear Sept 2020 lr-eye20422/27f-vpi
DOB: 6-5-2018 EIC Clear, Eye’s cerf yearly Sire: CH Blackthorn Endeavour ( Dev )  OFA24Excellent Elbows Clear Cerf Eye 33 Cardiac Lr-ca8356112Mlc-VPI-Echo Clear-Skeletal Dysplasia Clear Optigen PRA Clear HNPK Clear CNM /EIC Clear  Dam: Int’l CH Rocking M's Mystic' Majestic Topaz's Jessie) LR-208416E26F-VPI (Hips Excellent) LR-EL62789F26-VPI (Elbows Normal) LR-EIC2425/26F-VPI (Clear) CERF Yearly Normal



Rocking M Coors Light on Ice

SR811229801 Hips Good LR-220879G28F-VPI./Elbows LR_EL73023F28-VPI Cerf Yearly Clear EIC Clear and CNM Clear Sire (Sabre On Radar C Cedar Ridge MH 3 x MHN (Y)  Dam: Rocking M's Its About Time JH (BLK) OFA Excellent CMN – Clear and EIC Clear cerf yearly  



Rocking M's Avaiator's little Angel JH  
Hip's LR*215123E26F-VPI Elbow LR-EL68239F26-VPI CNM EIC CLEAR Cerf Yearly Sire: FC AFC Marauders Aviator OFA33Good / El Clear DNA V587215 Dame Running Double H Sophie at the lake SH, ofa Excellent – Elbow Clear- CNM/ EIC Clear Cerf Yearly Sire Castile Creek Mischievous  Maximillian MH x Rocking m Kiss Me Kate JH Abbie Hunts a lot SH  FC AFC Jazztime Frequent Flyer ,  FC AFC Lean Mac Fc AFC Watermarks Maximum  R.O.I


Rocking M’s Mystic’s little Beast Mode Missy DOB: 10-24-2014 LR-223957G24F-VPI :R-LR EL75566f24-Vpi Optgen Clear  EIC/CNM CLEARIRE: Tristars Ice LR-194937G24M-PVI ELBOWS LR-EL52506M24-VPI EIC CLEAR OPTIGN-PP720 NORMAL CLEAR  LR=CA4798/14MC-PI-ECHO CLEAR Dam: Int’llCH Rocking M's Mystic' Majestic Topaz's  OFAA Excellent Elbows clear Cerf yearly Eic Clear PRA Clear



Rocking M’s Bullet’s Little Annie Oakley JH

11-26 -2015 Hips LR 231878G26FM-VPI –Elbows LR-EL182407F29-VPI EIC/CMN Clear,  Cerf Yearly  Sire: Bullet 1X MH X – NAFC FC Cody Cut a Lean Grade  ( Grady )  Dam: :Rocking  M’s Times Little Sage JH Sire: Sabre On The Radar C Cedar Ridge  7 MNH -  FC AFC Code Blue -  M’s Lean Mac QAA Sister to Fargo



Rocking M’s Missy’s Black Lily

Owned and loved by Samantha & Richard Magill and Cory and Riley.

EIC Clear 2019 Sire: CH Laurglen’s Leading Man ( Flynn ) Hip Good / Elbows Normal and Clear – Heart Clear by Echo EIC/CNM Clear Dam: Rocking M’s Mystic’s Little Beast Mode ( Missy ) LR-223957G24F-Vpi

LR-EL175566F24-VPI  CNM/ EIC Clear cerf Yearly Clear PRA